Andrea Vinciguerra is an Italian film director and creative based in London, working in advertising and film.  

Musician and visuals maker since young age, Andrea has developed a great passion for creating fictional work, sometimes fun, sometimes a bit edgy, most of the time heavily stylized. His work is characterized by playful energy and bold, colourful aesthetics peppered with humorous (and often dark) twists that come from recognisable motifs in fresh situations.
Yes, behind him there is a frame with two nuns apparently in love.

You can contact Andrea and say "CIAO!"

This is also Andrea's phone number in case you forget how to write an email:

(+44) 07442 198860


  • Encounters Film Festival - Oscar and BAFTA qualifying - No, I Don't Want to Dance (Short Film)
  • New Orleans Film Festival - Oscar qualifying - No, I Don't Want to Dance (Short Film)
  • le Book's NYC Creative Awards 2019 - Non-Advertising Category - Winner - Teeth and Pills (Short Film)
  • The Smalls Film Festival - BIFA qualifying - No, I Don't Want to Dance (Short Film)
  • Vimeo Staff Pick - No, I Don't Want to Dance (Short Film)
  • London Short Film Festival 2019 - BAFTA qualifying - Nomination - Teeth and Pills (Short Film)
  • 21 Islands International Film Festival 2019 - New York City (NY) - Winner Best Director - Teeth and Pills (Short Film)
  • Dublin Independent Film Festival 2018 - Winner Best Experimental - Teeth and Pills (Short Film)
  • Las Cruces International Film Festival 2019 (NM) - Nomination - Teeth and Pills (Short Film) 
  • Portland Comedy Film Festival 2018 - Teeth and Pills (Short Film)
  • Auckland International Film Festival 2018 - Nomination - Teeth and Pills ( Short Film)
  • Austin ArtHouse Film Festival 2018 - Semi-finalist - Teeth and Pills (Short Film)
  • Shooting People - Short Cut Competition - Winter 2018 Shortlisted - Teeth and Pills (Short Film)
  • The World Festival of Emerging Cinema 2018 (Trinidad and Tobago) - Nomination - Teeth and Pills (Short Film)
  • Genre Celebration Film Festival (Tokyo) 2018 - Nominee Best Short and Best Director - Teeth and Pills (Short Film)
  • Crash - International Fantastic Film Festival 2018 (Brazil) - Nomination - Teeth and Pills (Short Film)
  • Independent Horror Movie Awards 2018 - Winner Best Humour, Nominee Best Short, Best Music, Best Original Concept
  • Los Angeles Independent Film Awards 2015 - Nomination - Moon Bounce - Fool (Music Video)
  • Berlin Music Video Awards 2014 - Nomination - Moon Bounce - Shake (Music Video)