Wet Fish - Teaser

Wet Fish is an animated Tv show which revolved around the stories of a bunch of humanised fish-characters living in a big city that surrealistically arises inside a waterbed of a Californian cheap motel. This teaser is part of a pitch in order to get the show picked up.

Joao Carrilho
Freddie Griffiths
Mark Abbott
Campbell Hartley
George Wheeler

Title sequence:
Freddie Griffiths

Victoria Budgett

Character Designer:

Victoria Budgett
Christa Jarrold
Zoe Robinson

Layout Artist:

Maxime Ferlin
Monica Herman
Nidhi Keluskar
Alice Harper
William Szafran

IB and CU and Colouring:

Sara Cuni
Danny Ochoa
James Crowley at Digitoonz Media
Duane Uba
Harry Davidson
Peter Chownsmith
Adel Szegedi
Rebecca Matthews
Lydia Reid
Elpida Fousteri
Saffron Arden- Sodje
Joe Cheng 
Izzie Dabs

Post Production:
Brad Purnell

Vo Artist
Jed Williams
Nathan Welsh
Harry Egan
Charlotte Tyree
Gemma Devereux
Micheal Leadbetter
Karin Bender
David Jones

Music and Sound Design:
Cody Fitzgerald and Clyde Lawrence
Timo Sala

Thanks to
Marilena and Christos at Nomint
Isobel Stenhouse
Alberto Falcone
Sandrine Servent
Alberto Galan
Charles Mazery at Iconoclast, Quentin Dupieux

@Copyright Mr.Oizo / Because Music / Concord